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Student Support Desk


Whether you need help with campus WiFi, Office, or you've got an issue with your PC, our trained experts have the answers you need. Any Support Tech can help you find the perfect service to keep your computer running smoothly.  Find us at the Student Support Desk in the Technology Commons II building.





Monday through Friday 8:00am-5:00pm

Phone: (407) 823-3444


Call Ticket Status: (407) 823-HELP 
Call Ticket Status:

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Warranty Services

Apple Repair



  Dell Repair

Dell Warranties & Complete Care


As an Authorized Apple Service Provider, we can service Apple computers currently under the AppleCare service plan at no charge to you.



As an Authorized Dell Service Provider, we can service Dell computers currently under most Dell service plans at no charge to you.



No Charge

  No Charge

Preventative Care & Triage Services

PC and Mac Tune-Up

PC and Mac Clean Up






Hardware Repair


We clean out the dust and apply new heatsink paste to your CPU.




PC and Mac diagnosis. We will run several different scans to identify issues that may be causing issues with your computer. After diagnosis, we will provide you with an accurate account of any and all issues our technicians may find. Next, we will provide you with suggestions and options to get you up and running.




Non-warranty repairs on diagnosed hardware issues.



 $74.99    $29.99 (Non-refundable)    $74.99 per  hour + cost of parts.
Virus Removal

Virus Removal




Mobile Repair


Freaked out by the latest "FBI" virus or other malware? Let our technicians clean your machine.




Issues with your tablet or phone?  Our techs can sort it out.





Price Quote Required Per Device

Call 407-823-4357



Software Install

Software Installation


  Data Transfer

Data Transfer


  Hard Drive Install

Hard Drive Installation 


Need help installing some new software? Our technicians can handle that!




Let us transfer your data from your old machine onto a new one. PC-to-PC, Mac-to-PC, or PC-to-Mac, we can get your data where it needs to go.




Need a new hard drive installed? Let our techs do it for you. Hardware not included.













Memory Install

Memory Install


  OS install

OS Re-Installation


Boost your PC or Mac performance with a memory upgrade. Our tech will verify and install your RAM. Hardware not included. Note: Some newer model Macs cannot be upgraded.




Refresh your computer with a new OS. Software not included.