UCF Departments


Use these forms and other useful tools for making UCF Institutional Purchases:

The Technology Product Center Departmental team enables you to easily procure all your IT needs. With contract negotiated pricing, your department will be empowered to drive down cost for its IT budget.

Our software licensing office manages campus-wide software contracts so you don’t have to. Its the ease-of-use your department has been looking for in software contract management and campus cost savings.

Tools and Forms:

Request a Quote Service Now Order Form UCF IT Product Catalog
Get a price quote for the item(s) your office needs. Sign in to the service portal to submit your requisition for purchase. Campus standards from Dell and Lenovo for laptops, desktop, and monitors.
Software Licensing Tech Fee Proposal Purchasing Policies
Need information about campus agreements, licenses, or contracts? Our services include centralized licensing, billing, and negotiation. If you wish to submit a proposal please refer to the guidelines, complete the appropriate proposal form, and submit by the deadline indicated. Outlined criteria for ordering from the UCF Technology Product Center.
Departmental Order Status IRR Form Help
Check the status of your departmental order. You must be on the UCF network to use this tool. You will only see orders associated with your EMPL.  This form accompanies the requisition form for orders over $20K Need Help? Click on the link to contact the TPC


Self-quoting is available through these partners.