KnightTech Laptop Purchase Program 2019 – A UCF Student Exclusive! Starting June 1st.

Need an easy way to get a computer for school with simple monthly payment options?  KnightTech Laptop Purchase Program is just what you need!  You’ll get simple automatic billing to your credit card at just $47.50 per month and in just 24 months, it’s yours!  The best part?  It’s covered under warranty for 4 years with accident protection and we can service it right here on the main campus at the Technology Commons.  (Terms and conditions apply.) 


How does it work? 

  • First, you’ll enroll in the program.  You’ll need to accept the terms and conditions found here so check it out. 
  • Next, you’ll stop by the TPC, sign your enrollment form and make your first month’s payment.  We’ll put your credit card of choice on file so we can automatically bill it once you’ve got your computer. 
  • TPC collects a bunch of orders from participants up until August 1, 2019.  Make sure to sign up before then! 
  • You pick up your computer starting at Fall semester move-in on August 23, 2019. 
  • TPC bills your credit card once a month.  We’ll send you a receipt for your records.  This continues until the computer is paid off, then you are done!  

What computer is it? 

It’s a Dell Latitude 3400 laptop.  This computer meets the recommendations for most programs on campus.  It’s not for the hardcore gamer or engineering student, but it’s a great all-around, general purpose laptop. This solid, business class computer has a warranty that we can support right here on campus.  It’s got accidental damage protection too!  For specs, it has an Intel i5 processor, Windows 10 Pro, 8gb RAM, 256gb solid state hard drive, and a hi-def 14” screen with webcam and mic.  Detailed config found here:    

How much? 

$47.50 a month.   

Can’t I get one cheaper?   

Maybe.  You are paying a little extra here, so you don’t have that huge cost up front.  Also, you can’t get just any computer serviced under warranty for free on campus. 

Can I just buy this computer up front?   


What if my computer breaks? 

Bring it by the Student Support Desk in the Tech Commons for service!  If the issue is covered by the warranty, we’ll fix it.  No cost.  Note that viruses, malware, and intentional damage aren’t things that computer warranties cover… safe surfing! 

What if I want to get a different computer? 

You can pay off your agreement early if you like but after you sign up, you are responsible for the full price. 

What if my credit card number changes?  Or I want to put it on a different card.   

No problem. Come by the TPC, we can take care of that for you! 

I’m not a UCF student.  Can I get this?  


I’m a UCF student but I have a couple of minor academic holds.  Can I still get it? 

You must be in good standing with the university, financially and academically. 

What if I just like… stop making payments? 

We’ll put an academic hold on your account after 30 days that will stay until you catch up on your payments. 

Ok but what if I drop out of school? 

We’ll still charge your card. 

Ok but see my roommate didn’t pay his rent last month and I covered him so now my credit card is over drawn and we’re out of beer and my project is due like at midnight and there’s no way I can come over for the next six months because my car is stuck under a tree that fell because of the hurricane and my neighbors chainsaw needs a new blade so we can’t chop it out yet and the squirrel had babies… ?  

Oh dang, that’s umm… too bad.  We’ll still charge your card and/or put an academic hold on your account.